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Citizen Scientist of December: Jamius

I could think of no one better as the first ever CSQ Citizen Scientist of the month than Jaimie Mantzel (aka Jamius).

Born in Ontario, Canada Jaimie moved to the states to attend Brown University. After he graduated Jaimie grew tired of the way things were going about in the
world. Rather than waste time complaining about it like too many of us are often guilty of. He worked hard to save enough money to buy a plot of forrest in the middle of Vermont. And then preceded to build a home for himself on that land. Which in and of itself is a noble accomplishment but what makes it extraordinary is that the home he built was a Palacial Megadome and he built it using primarily found and scavenged parts. After building a suitable shelter, Jaimie did the next most logical thing. He decided to build a giant robot. And lucky for us he has posted the entire process on youtube. I must warn you when I first found out about the giant robot project and Jamius, I spent hours watching his videos. So if you have something important you need to do today, postpone it and watch these videos.

The Beginning:

Needless to say Jamius is an amazing guy who’s built and is currently building some very exciting things. But what made him a sure pick for Citizen Scientist of the Month is what he is trying to accomplish with his Adventure Builders Club. I’ve posted his much better explanation below but its basically him spreading the not often expressed philosophy that everyone is capable of being great and that anything is possible (with enough hard work). And as citizen scientists its important for us to keep this in mind cause science is usually not easy (read: is NEVER easy). So dont choose your projects based on what you can do but rather what youd’ like to accomplish.

Click through for some of our favorite Jamius Videos.

DIY Lumber Mill

Tour of Jamies Joint (Note: keep watching for a surprise at 7:40 😉

Chain Mail you say?

Super Island Mega Paradise(because who doesn’t like Island Mega Paradises)


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