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Genomera looking for Next Citizen Science Study

Genomera is a recently launched company with the mission of helping people understand and analyze their personal genomes. In the vein of their last study Butter Mind, They are currently holding a call for their next Citizen Science based genetic study. The top study will be hosted on the genomera platform and  receive the 23andMe Complete Edition receiving.  So if you have a question you’d like answered about your genome now is the time to ask it. (Details through the link)

Correction: The citizen science study can be anything, not just genetics.

So you think you can Science? The search for the next Citizen Science Study. via Genomera

  • Eri Gentry

    Hey, thanks for the post! Just want to mention that the CitSci study does not have to be genetics-related. Nutrition studies are popular – how one food effects a trait. Sleep is another topic of interest. Those were just some examples – those who want to enter can dream up anything for entry!