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Merry Christmas from The CSQ to You!

Merry Christmas all you amazing people! I hope this holiday finds you well.

I wrote Santa a letter to see if he would hand over the secret to how he travels faster than light so I could thank all of you personally for being so awesome. But he never wrote back; I guess this is a busy time for him.

While I’m waiting for Santa to get back to me, I hope you’ll enjoy our special(if random) gift to you on this wintery holiday, A cookie cutter in the shape of a bacteriophage wearing a santa hat.

Anywho, I really can not express how grateful I am for your support of this magazine.

~Thank You so very much and Many Happy Returns,
on behalf of all of us at
The Citizen Science Quarterly

  • Tom Schinske

    Just wanted to congratulate you on a very successful kickstarter fund drive and wish you luck on your project.