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Open Science Design Contest Winner

A few weeks back we started an Open Science Design Contest, with the goal of getting people thinking about what scientific equipment could be developed under an open license.  We got alot of good submissions but the one that stood out most was Jordan Miller’s Orbital Shaker. And so it is my pleasure to announce Jordan Miller as the winner of the $50 ponoko certificate.

Another interesting submission was that by Marlin Mixon for an open sourced CPAP machine. I was very surprised there wasn’t an open source alternative to the $500+ machines already on the market. Sleep apnea(the disorder CPAP treats) can cause serious decreases in quality of life.  So I’ll be personally helping Marlin develop his CPAP machine.

P.S. If you missed out on this contest, no worries, we at CSQ are happy to hear and help with your ideas, even if we aren’t currently running a contest.

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  • Gil

    What happened to the open source CPAP machine? That would really be very useful.

    • It’s currently being developed at TX/RX Labs. I’ll be sure to do a write-up as soon as we have anything substantial. 🙂

  • The link to the Orbital Shaker doesn’t work for me. I get a 404 error message.

    I got to your site from the description on Thingiverse, which also links to the bad link.

    The Thingiverse URL is: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5045

    • Jacob Shiach

      My apologies, the permalink structure changed on update but it should be fixed now.