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The MilkyWay Project launces today

The people behind the crowdsourced astronomy project Galaxy Zoo have just released their latest endeavor, The Milky Way Project.

The Milky Way Project is currently working with data taken from the Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire (GLIMPSE) and the Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer Galactic Plane Survey (MIPSGAL). We aim to bring you a host of interesting science problems as time goes by, and to begin with we’re looking for bubbles. These bubbles are part of the life cycle of stars. Some bubbles have already been found – by the study that inspired this project – but we want to find more! By finding more, we will build up a comprehensive view of not only these bubbles, but our galaxy as a whole. We’re asking you to help us map star formation in our galaxy.

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