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Call for Articles for Vol 02.


Howdy All,

With the print edition of Vol. 01 at the printers and the digital edition already available , it’s time to look towards the future of Citizen Science Quarterly. And since we are pro’s at math the next step is appropriately named Vol 02. 😉

The theme for our second issue is “New Frontiers”. And will focus on people, fields and research that are both creating and exploring just across that line of what is commonly thought to be possible. Where that theme takes us is as of yet unknown and primarily up to our community of writers and readers(that’s you).

If you’d like to contribute, simply fill out the writers form and attach your article. If you want to contribute but don’t have anything specific in mind use the same form and be specific about your interests and I’ll help you develop an article.

Be sure to mark May 5th on your calendars as the turn in deadline.

Also If you weren’t lucky enough to be one of the 261 supporters while the kickstarter was open, we’ve opened a shop where you can subscribe to the magazine and very soon, find a lot more citizen science related tools and goodies. 😀

– I cant wait to read what yall come up with for vol 2.

Jacob, your humble editor.


  • You misspelled pros as pro’s — I am quite curious about this quarterly, but the casual use of language leaves me a bit skeptical about its professionalism.

    • Jacob Shiach

      Thanks for pointing out the misspelling Michael.