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Our newest addition to the CSQ Team!


Science: the final frontier. Standing on my desk is a green-colored hand sanitizing gel. The gel is the sort of green you’d seen in an alien movie or from the haunting Hotel Empire love scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958). Next to it, a jelly jar full of English peppermints, a medicine bottle of women’s One-A-Day vitamins and a box of variety pack instant oatmeal. Science brought this gel, peppermints, vitamins and oatmeal to corner of my cubical. The gel is there out of paranoia, peppermints out of vanity, vitamins out of “necessity” and oatmeal out of need. These aren’t hard sciences that I’ve specified here, but they are key parts of what makes our culture work. As times get financially thinner –  the do-it-yourself culture is spreading like wildfire. Doing it yourself, means knowing it yourself.

At Citizen Scientist Quarterly, we are working to make a comprehensible, analytical source for science news and knowledge.  Most of our articles so far have been written by doctors, scientists and other experts in the field – but don’t let this intimidate you, we are open to submissions and research from science enthusiasts of all backgrounds.  We’re also interested in artists creating works centered around science.  We are online, but the best part of this publication is the zine that gets published quarterly. The glossy pages of our gorgeous first issue reached my doorstep a couple of days ago and I was stunned.

Working as the Managing Editor for the CSQ, I hope to contribute the best of my journalistic abilities through copy editing submissions, communicating with freelancers and distributors.  Together, let’s learn tricks and gain insight that you can’t get inside the echo chamber of news.

Carolina Astrain
Managing Editor
Citizen Scientist Quarterly