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Do Citizen Science! Get Paid.

I’m quite excited to announce that we are now offering compensation for those who contribute to the print magazine. Even though ya’ll are awesome and have been happy to contribute simply for the love of science. We believe it is important to compensate people for doing good work. And as current and previously starving college students we also know sometimes you have to make the hard choice of working so you can eat vs. spending all day doing and writing about science.

The details:

We’ll be offering $25 up to $100. The primary determining factor being quality of the article with length and type of graphics also being considered.

All you have to do is read the guidelines and submit the normal way via the submission form or by attachment to editor@citizensciencequarterly.

  • All I have to do is what? Your transmission was garbled at the end.

    • Jacob Shiach

      Thanks David, that’s what I get for writing when I should be sleeping. It should say “All you have to do is submit normally”.