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CSQ lands on a Saint Paul bookstore shelf

When Jacob started the Citizen Science Quarterly, we were still roommates. We were living together in Houston’s Museum District.

At the time the Museum District wadded between being dilapidation and gentrification. Our neighbor to the left was a strip of new town homes. Our neighbor to the right was an abandoned crack house. I could see the homeless and local dopers go in and out of the house’s side window from my bedroom.

The windows were painted shut. None of the doors had actual locks. It was one of those charming rundown houses from the 1940s you’d only be willing to put up with in your 20s.

Jacob breaking into our old apartment through the balcony after forgetting his keys.

The dilapidation, lack of privacy and humidity made it easy to leave town for a gig in Saint Paul.

If I’m not at the office working, I’m usually at Common Good Books.

Common Good Books is a cozy shop, located in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s old neighborhood in Saint Paul. Wooden panels lining parts of the store contain a wealth of solid literature. It’s also important to note that there’s an equally adorable coffee shop right above it called Nina’s (pronounced NY-NAHS).

Last week when I brought Vol. One to the Common Good Books store manager, she happily added CSQ to their magazine shelf right next to Make.

Stop by and pick it up.