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Be a ScienceHackDay Ambassador.

Ariel Waldman ,of the Institute for the Future has received funding courtesty of the Sloan Foundation to fly out 10 science ambassadors to take part in the original Science Hack Day in San Fransisco.

Thanks to this generous support, 10 people interested in organizing a Science Hack Day from around the world will be selected to win a scholarship for a trip to Science Hack Day San Francisco, occurring November 12-13, 2011, where they’ll experience first-hand how Science Hack Day works and connect with a global community of organizers. This Science Hack Day Ambassador Program will award individuals who are motivated and planning to organize a Science Hack Day in their city. Open source instructions for how to create a Science Hack Day in your city and how to apply to the Science Hack Day Ambassador Program by August 31, 2011 are available at http://sciencehackday.com.

So if you are wanting to organize a local science hack day be sure to apply to the ambassador program.