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Lego Electrophoresis Box

If there ever was a recipe for success it would certainly include Legos and Biology.

Gel Electrophoresis allows the sorting of molecules based on size and charge and is a very common and useful technique in molecular biology. Like most lab hardware is quite expensive for what it is, a fancy tupperware container with two wires. Luckily if you happen to have a laser cutter*, you can build your own using a sheet of acrylic and welding glue.

But even that was too complicated for Joseph Elsbernd, who using a few legos and a bit of acetone built a really nice gel boat and electrophoresis chamber. All it’s missing is one of the legos with a hole on each side combined with banana plugs to supply the voltage, some 3D printed combs and you are ready to run gels.

*If you don’t have a laser cutter, you should see if there is one to use at your local hackerspace or there are people online(like IOrodeo) selling precut templates.


Lego Gel Boat

Lego Electrophoresis Chamber

Lego Electrophoresis Chamber

Electrophoresis Gel

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  • ABM

    Kind of an expensive way to do it… For a home made gel box I’d just use a medium rubbermaid container as the buffer chamber, and probably a smaller container with the ends cut off for the tray. I do like how this one features the “90 degree tray turn” for casting a gel right in the box, though. Saves mucking around with masking tape.

    /via Reddit biology