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CSQ Volume 02 is Complete!!

It is with great joy (and relief) that I announce that the second issue of Citizen Science Quarterly is completed! We had a few hurdles to overcome in publishing this issue but thanks to a lot of wonderful contributions, two extremely patient editors and another magical cover courtesy of my favorite illustrator (Terry Fan) the magazine turned out amazingly.

If you are already a subscriber, your issue will be headed towards you on monday. If you aren’t yet, you should fix that.

Available in Print and Digital.

P.s. CSQ Vol 03 is already in the works so be sure to send in your articles ASAP, and if you have any questions related to contributing(or anything really) ask away.

Citizen Science Quarterly vol 02


  • Patrik D’haeseleer

    Congrats, Jacob!

    You may want to consider posting a somewhat more detailed table of contents for the new issue – not just titles of the articles, but also the names of the authors, and a 1-2 sentence description. All the better to lure in new readers…

    • Jacob Shiach

      That’s a really good idea. Thank you Patrik.

  • “Available in Print and Digital.”

    These links are both broken.

    • Jacob Shiach

      Links Fixed. Thank you for the heads up Ryan. :o)