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New Batch of Online Classes from Stanford

Stanford University has released a new batch of free online classes starting in January 2012. This follows the success of this semesters extremely popular class on Artificial Intelligence.

Computer Science
– Game Theory http://www.game-theory-class.org/
– Design and Analysis of Algorithms I http://www.algo-class.org/
– Cryptography http://www.crypto-class.org/
– Software Engineering for Software as a Service http://www.saas-class.org/
– Natural Language Processing http://www.nlp-class.org/
– Computer Science 101 http://www.cs101-class.org/
– Human-Computer Interaction http://www.hci-class.org/
– Probabilistic Graphical Models http://www.pgm-class.org/

– Lean Launchpad http://www.launchpad-class.org/
– Technology Entrepreneurship http://www.venture-class.org/