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Starting the year off with a successful fail.


Howdy Citizen Scientists,

Yesterday was the final day of our kickstarter campaign for Issues 03/04. And financially it was unsuccesful. We needed $5k to cover print costs and only raised $978. I don’t believe this was a result of people not wanting to support what we are up to. But more a failing on my part to get the community(thats you!) involved.  I’ve been so focused with all the logistics of printing the print editions that I’ve lost focus on the reason I started this magazine in the first place. To get more people taking an active role in science.

So, with that said, I would like to annouce a few changes in Citizen Science Quarterly that I hope will spark more community involvement.

1)Shift Focus to the Website.

We still love the idea of a quarterly print, and will print Issues 03/04. But it’s just not effective at reaching a large audience without an established distribution network. So to get more science in front of more people we will begin posting more feature quality articles to the “blog”.

2)The shop will begin offering cheap(and awesome!) science tools and kits.

We’ve been planning this for a while now and you’ll see the first product of that planning quite soon. This is the change I am most excited about because talking and reading about science is nothing compared to getting your hands dirty metaphorically speaking for some fields.

3)In house audio and visual features

Up until now, the majority of our articles have been text and photo based. This is a travesty as not everyone learns best by reading. So in the coming months expect more inhouse audio and visual productions.

4)Much, much, more….

I am not a professional publisher or writer, I am first and foremost a scientist. So to make CSQ the best it can be, we are just going to try lots and lots of “experiments” and see what works. For this to work though, we need your input. If you like, hate or have an idea you want us to try let us know.



Your amateurish editor-in-chief,

Jacob Shiach


 P.s.  We are giving fundraising another go for Issues 03/04