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Intro to Spectral Workbench



PLOTS continues to impress with the quality and accessibility of their work. The software suite they just released to accompany their $30 spectrometer is much nicer than anything i’ve seen packaged with “research” grade specs.

PLOTS Spectral Workbench is the client software for the video spectrometer, and can be found here:


It is in alpha, though with some configuration it should run on Linux, Mac, or Windows. It is free and open source (GPLv3) and requires the open-sourceProcessing environment. Click the “zip” download to get a copy.

To learn how to use the software, see:

Spectral Workbench usage »

It uploads spectra to the open source spectral database at:

Spectral WorkBench (may be renamed)

The website is a place to archive, share, and interpret spectral data. By uploading spectra to the website, you agree to release the data under a Creative Commons Zero license (the equivalent of a Public Domain dedication), which allows for unrestricted use by anybody.

  • Jeff

    We just released a new version of the intro video at http://spectralworkbench.org, with the new online capture interface. Hope you like it!