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State of CSQ #2

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After missing our print funding target for the second time, I decided to hold off  on writing the “We Failed” post until I had a better idea on why we didn’t reach it and what can be done about it.  So here we are a week later and after talking with a few people,  I think I’ve a pretty good lock on what we need to do to keep CSQ moving forward. The short of  it is we aren’t doing a good job of sharing information both through the quarterly or the website. No matter how interesting an article or how-to is, it does nobody any good if it’s not read.

If you’re interested in the specifics of where I think we can improve, I did put put together a list.

  • Without reading the magazine some people dont see the value in citizen science
  • The current home page is not doing a good job.(nothing is above the fold)
  • We need to improve author.php and author tags to better credit contributors
  • The sites design/look needs to improve to the quality of the print.
  • CSQ needs to better illustrate ways for people to get involved both with CSQ and citizen science projects
  • Redesign the site to allow for long form articles like in our print
  • Make the print and digital issues accessible outside of csq.com
  • Reach out to professional scientists not currently involved in science

What this means for the future of CSQ is  we will find a way to fund printing the next two issues but in the coming months expect a heavier emphasis on the content and design of the website.

If you’d like to lend a hand or comment, my inbox is always open.



  • Sarah Newman

    Hi Jacob,

    I have been working in the field of citizen science for quite some time and was really excited to see the Citizen Science Quarterly when it first popped into my Google Alerts many months ago. The trouble I have is justifying the cost ($10 per issue) when there are plenty of great places to get free, quality, citizen science information (Citsci.org, Citizen Science Central, SciStarter.com). I certainly feel the need for you to have funding to support the Quarterly, but I’m not sure its clear to me just yet (as a practitioner) what makes the Quarterly different from the other resources currently available online for free. Perhaps that could be better addressed on your home page in the future? That might help!

    Best of luck,