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We want to hear from you!

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Hi All!

We are building a new CSQ site. The main reason for this rebuild was to implement a cleaner code base so we could implement planned improvements without worrying about “ducktaped” code bugging out. A few such small improvements we already have in the works are 1)improved typography for better readability 2)styling that matches the print 3)improved author exposure and 4)easier to use shop.

Beyond those small updates we also have a few large upgrades we’d like to implement but first we wanted to get your input on a few things. If you’d like to help out by giving us your input, here is the survey link.

Thank You ahead of time for taking the time to help improve CSQ!

  • Brent

    As you know I support CS because my dream is like yours,to promote all science which includes people like me.
    Just for fun can you post an overview or mission statement of Citizens Science Quarterly?

    Also I noticed a link to live interviews, but when I clicked on it, I had the video, but no sound.
    I checked my PC while watching and I was able to get all other sounds like normal, but when I click back to CS videos sound stops.
    Thanks Brent

  • Hmm Well I was just searching on yahoo and just came across your blog, in general I just only visit sites and retrieve my needed info but this time the useful information that you posted in this post urged me to post here and appreciate your diligent work. I just bookmarked your site. Thank you again.

  • We’d like to share our citizen science project with you:

    Welcome to http://www.UFNativeBuzz.com

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