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“Reinventing Discovery” with Michael Nielsen

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Physicist and Open Science advocate Michael Nielsen has written a new book called, Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science. Nielsen walks us through some of the amazing ways science has been effected by the ability to rapidly exchange information and ideas over the internet. The most telling example of the emergent properties that come about through networked science is seen when Nielsen details the impressive chess match between Kasparov and the world. It’s really a phenomenal read. Nielsen doesn’t just sing the praises of Networked science, he also details some of the failings and possible areas in which networked science can improve. So whether you’ve years of experience or are just learning that networked science is a thing, I’d strongly recommend giving it a read or two (preferably with a notebook and pen nearby)

“Anybody can participate in these kinds of projects and do some real work, some things which are really, deeply meaningful — at least for some people,” Nielsen said. “Not everybody’s going to love it, but for those who do what a fantastic opportunity.”

Join us as we talk with Michael Nielsen:

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