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DIYBio and Bioart: liberating the laboratory

Life is becoming like raw material, waiting to be engineered – Oron Catts

What is the biolab used for today? Discovering pharma-cures, creating the next pest-resistant crop, synthesizing recombinant bacteria to glow, sense, detect, digest…? We see something slightly different: where artists work alongside scientists to create universally beautiful sculptures, where a public laboratory performance is held to question Monsanto’s patented crops, and where biologists take respite from their day-jobs to conduct experiments they truly care about, but have limited funding to do. Most importantly, we are witnessing technology liberated from these laboratories, and biology becoming more and more accessible to the average citizen.

We as creators of DIYsect: Filming Biotinkering for the Web, seek to document these game-changing people and put them all on a single web-series where each episode focuses on a different theme within biotechnology. We don’t plan to profit from these episodes, nor do we plan to charge a single penny to our viewers. Like our subjects, we believe that knowledge should be open to all.

Stay tuned for our release in early 2014, and support us on Kickstarter: