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Encyclopedia of Life “One Species at a Time” podcast: Giant Squid

Giant Squid live in the deep sea and are rarely seen by humans. Recently, however, some Japanese fishermen accidentally captured a still living Giant Squid (it died soon after being brought to the surface). Although glimpsing a living Giant Squid is more cephalopod excitement than most of us can ever hope for, visitors to the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History can see two beautifully preserved and displayed specimens from Spain, a large female and a smaller male. How did they get here? A one-ton, 26-foot squid can’t fit in your carry-on luggage. Listen to Encyclopedia of Life’s One Species at a Time podcast about how museum exhibit designers transported this enormous animal from Spain to Washington, D.C. in an effort dubbed “Operation Calamari”.

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The One Species at a Time podcast series is supported by the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology.