Intro to Spectral Workbench


PLOTS continues to impress with the quality and accessibility of their work. The software suite they just released to accompany their $30 spectrometer is much nicer than anything i’ve seen packaged with “research” grade specs.

PLOTS Spectral Workbench is the client software for the video spectrometer, and can be found here:

It is in alpha, though with some configuration it should run on Linux, Mac, or Windows. It is free and open source (GPLv3) and requires the open-sourceProcessing environment. Click the “zip” download to get a copy.

To learn how to use the software, see:

Spectral Workbench usage »

It uploads spectra to the open source spectral database at:

Spectral WorkBench (may be renamed)

The website is a place to archive, share, and interpret spectral data. By uploading spectra to the website, you agree to release the data under a Creative Commons Zero license (the equivalent of a Public Domain dedication), which allows for unrestricted use by anybody.

Creative Commons Global Summit 2011

Even if you’ve never heard of Creative Commons you’ve probably seen their logo before, in fact there’s one right now at the bottom of this page as well as on our print edition. This is because CSQ is published under a Creative Commons license. CC licenses enable content producers a simple legalese free way to openly share everything.

This Friday at 9am(CEST) time the Creative Commons Global summit will kick off in Warsaw, Poland.

It will include regional meetings, plenary sessions, legal-focused sessions, community-focused sessions, workshops, regional planning sessions and special discussion sessions on key issues such as key adoption areas, data, public domain and the new version 4.0 licenses. The meeting will also include a “public day”, featuring sessions of most interest to members of the public, including case study showcases, sessions on CC use in areas such as education, government and science, and a CC Salon featuring local and international CC creations.

If you can’t make it to Poland by tomorrow, the event will stream live at and you can follow the twitter stream at #ccsummit2011

Additional Summit Info