DIYBio and Bioart: liberating the laboratory

Life is becoming like raw material, waiting to be engineered – Oron Catts

What is the biolab used for today? Discovering pharma-cures, creating the next pest-resistant crop, synthesizing recombinant bacteria to glow, sense, detect, digest…? We see something slightly different: where artists work alongside scientists to create universally beautiful sculptures, where a public laboratory performance is held to question Monsanto’s patented crops, and where biologists take respite from their day-jobs to conduct experiments they truly care about, but have limited funding to do. Most importantly, we are witnessing technology liberated from these laboratories, and biology becoming more and more accessible to the average citizen.

We as creators of DIYsect: Filming Biotinkering for the Web, seek to document these game-changing people and put them all on a single web-series where each episode focuses on a different theme within biotechnology. We don’t plan to profit from these episodes, nor do we plan to charge a single penny to our viewers. Like our subjects, we believe that knowledge should be open to all.

Stay tuned for our release in early 2014, and support us on Kickstarter:

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Thank you so much to everyone who entered and helped spread the word so far. We’ve still got quite a ways to go($4327 to be specific) and only 18 days to do it. But I think with your help we can do it.

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Kickstarter T-Shirt Giveaway #1

Howdy all,

To help spread the word about the kickstarter we are holding a give away. All you have to do to enter is tweet or like the kickstarter link. You’ll get one entry if you do one of them, 2 if you do both. We’re trusting here at CSQ so just reply here at kickstarter which you’ve done and that’s it.

Prize: A CSQ Soft T (see below)

The give away will end this Friday, Feb 10 @ midnight and the video showing the winner being picked out of a festive hat will be posted on saturday.

KickSat – Your own personal Satellite

Have you ever wanted your own satellite? Obviously this is a rhetorical question. Everyone wants their own satellite. Sadly, until a few years ago, you would have needed a few million to join the club of satellite owners. With the development of the cubesat, a 10cm cubed sattellite the price dropped to mid 5 figures, bringing the price in range of most universities and a few financially endowed individuals. It is now with great excitement that I introduce a project to bring satellite ownership to the common man. A lab out of Cornell has developed small dime sized satellites they are calling sprites, each with the same technical capabilities as sputnik. And so now for only $1000 you can have a satellite all of your own.

CSQ named Kickstarter Project of the Day

The amazing people over at kickstarter have named us,The Citizen Science Quarterly, the Project of the Day. So I figured now would a good time to remind everyone about the kickstarter and what we are trying to accomplish with it. If we are able to raise at least $2500 worth of pledges by Jan 2, 2011, then we will be able to launch a print version of the CSQ. So if you believe in Citizen Science, I’d encourage you to click through and pledge, even if its just a dollar.

For those who pledge more than $1 we have PRIZES!!

  • $2+ gets your name (or photo) on the back cover of the first issue
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If money is tight this holiday season and you are rich in time and knowledge, think about becoming a contributor.

If you have any questions on how kickstarter works or about the print magazine, feel free to email me directly at Jacob(at),

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