Upcoming announcement on the Higgs Search

Tune in at the CERN website at 1400 Zurich time(7amCST) for a live streamed update on the search for the Higgs.

Citizen Science Degree Plan: Physics

A few weeks ago my little sister, a sophomore in High school, texted me saying she wanted to drop out and become an entrepeneur. She felt school was too easy and she wanted to do something challenging. I had to stop myself from saying thats an awesome idea. Instead I chocked back the tears of pride and being the good brother I am, I convinced her to stay in school and finish up her diploma. Mainly because her main interest is nuclear physics and while people have made good progress building fusion reactors in their garages(i.e. Famulus Fusion), alot of the cutting edge research does still require billion dollar machinery. And so, as part of our deal, she’d see about testing out of classes and I would put together a curriculum of more challenging classes she could take after school.

Which brings us to the Citizen Science Degree plan. At first glance it doesn’t seem like much, just a bunch of videos. Until you really think about it. The only difference between someone who actively watches each one of this videos and does all the homework they release with them and someone who actually attends the class is almost 6 figures in debt and a piece of paper. Yes, there’s the whole business of not being able to get a job with a citizen science online degree. Yet for entrepreneurs,those willing to go after the start up jobs(whos employers will depend more on the interview than the resume), or those in impoverished parts of the world, I believe its a viable option.

What are yall’s thoughts on the idea in general and the specific classes I chose for the physics degree plan?

Module 1-Foundation
Intro to Computer programming
Single Variable Calculas
Circuits And Electronics + Arduino Supplemental Lab
Classical Physics
Electricity and magnetism
Intro to Biology (added for balance)

Module 2 – Intermediate Physics
Multi-variable Calculas
Linear Algebra
Vibration and Waves
Computational Science and Engineering
Intro to Algorithms
Differential Equation

Module 3 – Current Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Special Relativity
Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity
Statistical Mechanics

Note: I stacked the classes heavily from MIT because thats where my sister would like to go but if you think another university offers a better class on the same topic, let me know.