The first issue of Citizen Science Quarterly is done!

I am without words to express how unbelievably ecstatic I am to finally get to announce that sentence above. These past few months have been both an amazing and challenging experience. The closer we got to this day the more and more I realized, I entirely underestimated how much goes into starting and running a magazine. Especially when everyone working on it is in a different time zone.

Yet, thanks to everyones kind support and the hardwork of everyone who contributed, we made it! And for that I can’t thank you enough.

Now to the part that yall probably want to hear. The print is done, along with all of the shirts and merit badges.  If you’ve already ordered a copy it will ship monday or tuesday at the latest. And if you haven’t had the opportunity to order a copy, they are now in stock in the shop.

The End?


Just the beginning.

Vol 02.

We are now accepting article submissions for the second issue of CSQ. Whose theme is that of “New Frontiers”, (interpret it how ever you’d like).  The deadline to submit is May 5th, which may seem far away but trust me, deadlines have a way of sneeking up on you, so please submit ASAP. We want to hear what you have to say.

New Website Design

If you’ve been on lately (which you have because thats where you currently are) you’ve probably noticed it’s no longer the old black and white design. We’ve changed it to not only make it easier on the eyes but to allow for the publishing of online articles not suitable for a quarterly print but still important for citizen science. As well we’ve been working out some upgrades to the CSQ shop…but thats for a later announcement ;)

On behalf of the entire CSQ staff and citizen scientists everywhere,

You are AWESOME!


Jacob Shiach (the Editor)


New CSQ Owl Shirts!


The CSQ Owl Shirts are in. And I am very happy with the result. The design is by the very talented Terry Fan (who also designed our cover). The printing was done by the group BlackSwan Screenprinters who used waterbased inks to create a softer print than I thought was possible. And finally the shirts are on really soft Anvil-Ts.

Price:$20 + $5 shipping($10international)

Note: currently we only have the shirt available in Light Blue but as you may see in some pictures where I am wearing other colors not avaliable in the store. I ordered some samples of the design on other colors. So if you’d like a different color just let us know and we can see about changing it up in future runs.

If you’d like to check out the rest of the CSQ Photo shoot here it is :) .