New Batch of Online Classes from Stanford

Stanford University has released a new batch of free online classes starting in January 2012. This follows the success of this semesters extremely popular class on Artificial Intelligence.

Computer Science
Game Theory
Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
Software Engineering for Software as a Service
Natural Language Processing
Computer Science 101
Human-Computer Interaction
Probabilistic Graphical Models

Lean Launchpad
Technology Entrepreneurship

“Become a Computer Scientist” courtesy of Stanford.

We’ve talked about universities releasing lecture videos through ItunesU and occasionally offering full courses, as with Stanfords Intro to AI class. Well now courtesy of Stanford and their OpenClassroom project, anyone can learn all the skills needed to become a computer scientist. If you saw NASA’s recent API announcement and were saddened because you didn’t have the skills to mine that mountain of data for scientific goodies, now you have no excuse.

Course List:


Stanford offers ‘Intro to Artificial Intelligence Class’ for Free

This fall, Stanford professors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig will offer their “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” class online for free. Most major universities already offer a selection of their class lectures online through their youtube channels or ItunesU. But this is the first times I’ve heard of a university opening up a class for anyone to enroll, get graded on the same curve as students and even receive a certificate of completion. This is a good sign for the citizen science movement, open access to Ivy league education independent of cost and location should prove groundbreaking.

If you’d like to attend the class, online enrollment closes on Sept 20th. And the class will take place from Oct. 10 ~ Dec. 16.

The 5th International Meeting on Synthetic Biology

When asked, “what are you doing?”. My answer of “I do research on synthetic biological networks” is too often received with a blank stare. So sitting in audience among 700 synthetic biologists at The 5th International Meeting on Synthetic Biology (SB5.0) I have a giant smile on my face. Luckily thanks to the biobricks foundation you can share in my joy.

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