Your Science Zine


If you are interested in writing for The Citizen Science Quarterly both online and/or in print, You don’t need to ask permission, Just submit as you’d like.


  1. Keep it scientific.
  2. Keep it friendly!
  3. Only submit original work, that you own and has not been previously published.
  4. Be okay with your work being licensed as CC BY-NC-SA( if you’d like to be more open just specify)
  5. The magazine is full color so be sure to include graphics and photos if they are relevant.
  6. Each issue will have a recommended theme but feel free to submit things unrelated to the theme.
  7. Submit your article as a word document(or equivalent format)
  8. If you have pictures/graphics include them in your document with captions/attribution and submit them at full resolution along with the word doc in a compressed format(.rar/.zip)
  9. If you’d like to be a regular online contributor, be sure to include your past experience or knowledge and what you’d like to write about.
  10. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


Note: themes are a suggestion, not a requirement.

Vol. 03:”Education”

Please use the below form for submissions and related questions. For  more general inquiries use the contact form.

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